Visit to the Royal Library in Stockholm

Participants in the international symposium “Acting in the Late Enlightenment (1740-1800)” visited the Royal Library in Stockholm to see three older manuscripts containing costume sketches by Johan Tobias Sergel, for a tournament planned by King Gustav III at Gripsholm Castle in 1782.

They also looked at three volumes containing theatre costume sketches from the late 1600’s that were part of the Paris Opera archives and purchased at an auction in Paris in 1742 by Carl Gustaf Tessin. They were deposited at the Royal Library in 1867 as part of a library collection from Drottningholm.

Lastly the visitors were able to see “Programmes des Grands Ballets historiques” by Jean George Noverre, ballet master at the Opéra Comique in Paris. These are two volumes from 1791, which contain both Noverre’s application to King Gustav III for employment at the opera in Stockholm, as well as documents and costume sketches relevant to his nineteen ballets.

The symposium was organised by the Department of Performance Studies at Stockholm University as part of the research project Performing Premodernity.

Examples of Noverre’s costume sketches can be admired here (in Swedish).

18th December 2014