Performing Premodernity founds The Anna Maria Lenngren Society (and has grand plans for the Lenngren jubilee in 2017!)

Anna Maria Lenngren (1754-1817) was an eminent 18th century Swedish poet and she is still known as one of Stockholms Posten’s sharpest satirists. On 8 March 2016 – International Women’s Day – Performing Premodernity founded a society in Anna Maria Lenngren’s honour. One year later, on 8 March 2017, it will be 200 years to the day since Lenngren’s death. We are therefore planning a three-day jubilee event, 8-10 March 2017, to celebrate her life and authorship. Amongst many other activities Performing Premodernity will host an academic conference, perform Lenngren’s first opera translation Lucile (with music by André Grétry, and original French text by Marmontel) and hope to initiate a new edition of Lenngren’s poems.