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Comala and Nina: Operatic Performance in the Age of Sensibility

This scholarly symposium, which takes place in Vadstena on 6 August, is organised by the research group Performing Premodernity on the occasion of the Vadstena Academy’s double-bill production of two little known Italian operas: Pietro Morandi’s Comala (Naples? 1780) and the one-act version of Giovanni Paisiello’s Nina o sia La pazza per amore (Naples 1789). […]

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Visit to the Royal Library in Stockholm

Participants in the international symposium “Acting in the Late Enlightenment (1740-1800)” visited the Royal Library in Stockholm to see three older manuscripts containing costume sketches by Johan Tobias Sergel, for a tournament planned by King Gustav III at Gripsholm Castle in 1782. They also looked at three volumes containing theatre costume sketches from the late […]

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Acting in the Late Enlightenment (1740-1800)

4-6 December 2014 The Performing Premodernity research group held an international symposium 4-6 December 2015 entitled Acting in the Late Enlightenment (1740-1800). On 4 December scholars and practitioners gathered for a day of lectures and discussions about acting in the second half of the late 18th century, and about the revival of period acting principles […]

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